Christmas Trees (Artificial)

Bỏ Vào Thùng Rác Thu Gom Rác Thải

If your tree is in good condition, consider donating it. If not and it can be disassembled, the pieces can go in your garbage container.  Those trees that don’t come apart can be disposed of through the City’s Junk Pickup Program.  

Ways to Reduce

Christmas Potted Plant

Decorate a Potted Tree Instead

It may be unconventional, but skipping the traditional Christmas tree (real or fake) altogether and decorating a potted tree you’ve bought or have in your home is a truly green way to have a tree for the holidays.

Ways to Reuse

Use for Years

Make the most of your artificial Christmas tree (and help the environment) by reusing the tree as many times as possible. As long as you take good care of it, it could be with you for years.

Donate or Sell Your Tree

If your artificial tree is still in good shape, consider donating it to a thrift store rather than throwing it out. You could also consider selling it online. November is the best time, but eBay has hundreds of listings year-round.


Reuse for Smaller Decorations

If your artificial tree is in rough shape after many years, remove and save the limbs that are still in good condition. They can be used to create smaller holiday decorations such as wreaths.